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Welcome to St. Mina and St. Abanoub Coptic Orthodox Church

Liturgy Registration for Aug. 8, 9, 12
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Tuesday, 04 August 2020

Below is the registration form for St. Mary's Revival (Saturday August 8) , Sunday August 9 and Wednesday August 12 Liturgies:

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COVID-19 Update
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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Due to COVID-19 situation, church attendance will be limited to safely social distance. A registration form will be posted here on the website each week for the upcoming Sunday/Wednesday liturgies. The rules that need to be followed are outlined in the registration form. Once the spots are taken for a day, that day will no longer be available for registration.

Please click here to review travel advisory put in place by governor of Ohio. People who are coming from states highlighted in yellow or have a positive testing rate of 15% or higher must quarantine for 14 days before coming to church. This includes countries overseas as well. The states include (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas). We must do this out of respect for the Governor and the safety of the congregation. Please respect the rules and there will be no excuses for Sunday or Wednesday.

Additionally, if you're sick or have any flu like symptoms please stay home and rest.

May God protect us all.

Last Updated ( Monday, 27 July 2020 )
H.G. Bishop Saraphim Visit
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Saturday, 01 August 2020

We are so excited to celebrate the fast of our Lady the Mother of God, Saint Mary, in the month of August. We will celebrate the revival of St. Mary on Saturday, August 8th from 5-7pm.

We are so delighted to announce that His Grace Bishop Saraphim will be visiting our church during the fast of our Lady, St. Mary from August 14th through August 16th. During his visit, His Grace will be praying with us on the following days:

Vesper & St. Mary's Revival - August 15th from 5-7pm
Sunday Liturgy - August 16th from 9:30am-12pm

After the Liturgy on Sunday, His Grace would like to have time with the congregation in an outdoor place. Details to follow.

Church Expansion Project Update
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Sunday, 26 July 2020


Dear Beloved Congregation of St. Mina and St. Abanoub Church,

I would like to congratulate all of you because of Godís work towards our church and children.

I would like to congratulate our Father and Shephard His Grace Bishop Seraphim through his prayers and the love of all the blessed congregation towards our Lord Jesus Christ. God allowed us to finish studying the church extension project (the first phase consists of Sunday school rooms and a place to take a blessing set up for H.G. Anba Saraphim residence and a second phase consists of a multi-service building for all spiritual, social and sports activities for all ages and the third phase a chapel) which took three years of concentrated study in all dimensions.

The Church would like to thank you for your contributions and love and we ask all congregation members to send your tithes to the officials of the Board of Deacons of the Church and please encourage all your friends from everywhere to take the blessing in participating in this project in which the name of God will be glorified.

I would like to inform you that the slogan of the project is DREAM BELIEVE ACHIEVE.

Through the blessing of Our Lord and the intercession of the patron saints of our church St. Mina and St. Abanoub and the prayers of His Grace Anba Saraphim and your prayers and your participation and donations, God will build His home.

Fr. Angilos Antoun and the members of the Board of Deacons



Ways to Donate

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Funeral Service for Mr. Wadie Awad
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Monday, 20 July 2020

ImageEarlier Sunday, July 19, 2020, heaven rejoiced as it welcomed with open arms one of Christís most beloved Mr. Wadie Awad.

Mr. Wadie Awad went to be with the Lord after a life full of love and service. His positive outlook on life, his love for Christ, the church, and the church family was always visible to all who knew him. He will be greatly missed, but always remembered as a beloved member of our church family.

Please pray that the Lord would console his wife Sana Awad, all family members everywhere, and give him rest in the Paradise of Joy.

The funeral of Mr. Wadie Awad will be at St. Mina & St. Abanoub Church in Dayton, Ohio on Tuesday, July 21st, 2020.

Viewing: 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Funeral Service: 11:00 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Burial at:
Miami Cemetery
6379 Corwin Ave
Waynesville, OH 45068

If anyone would like to attend the funeral, you have to text Fr. Angilos Antoun at (937)239-6194 with how many people are coming from your family by tonight at 7 pm. You are going to have your seat number by tonight.

To all the people who will attend the funeral service, please remember that when we end the funeral service of Mr. Wadie Awad, Sanna Awad and her family will stand in front of the icon of St. Mary at the entrance of the chapel to receive your condolences. Please remember to social distance and to not shake hands. May God bless all of you.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 21 July 2020 )
Coptic Orthodox Church History
Written by Fr. Marcos A. Marcos   
Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Name And Origin:

The Copts are the original Egyptians, and the word "Copt" itself is derived from the Greek word "Aegyptus" which means Egypt. The Copts are the descendants of the ancient Egyptians. They are considered one of the most anthropologically pure races in the world.

The Coptic Era:

When people think of Egypt, they usually think of ancient Egypt with its pyramids. Then they jump over to the Islamic period represented by the forest of minarets which a person sees in Cairo today. However, in between these two extremes, there is a modest bridge. This bridge does not pass over a valley of darkness where the Copts resided in complete isolation. On the contrary, this era is considered one of the luminous periods in the national and ecclesiastical history of Egypt.

Strictly speaking, the purely Coptic Christian period extends for about six centuries at the dawn of the Christian era. In Egyptian history, this is a tiny fraction but not at all insignificant. From the cultural standpoint, that short span was epoch-making in the development of Egyptian ideas and ideals. Indeed it stands for what is rightly called "Coptic Civilization".

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